The bolsa chica conservancy

Bolsa Chica State Beach is a state beach in California in the United States. It is located north of the Huntington Beach community of Sunset Beach in Orange County.


The Bolsa Chica Conservancy is a small non-profit organization so they are highly dependent on incredible crew of dedicated volunteers. Volunteering at the Conservancy can be a unique opportunity to get involved with local wetlands. They have many different volunteer positions ranging from one-time volunteer events to long-term volunteer positions. Because of small size at Bolsa Chica, they have many different types of volunteer position for all different skill sets.

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Irvine Volunteer Association is a non-profit organization based in Irvine started partnership with the Conservancy since summer 2017. Members of IVA participated the Conservancy's long-term event couple years before; however, participating as IVA member was summer 2017.


Started on July 22, 2017, volunteer team of 50 high school students and parents gathered in the morning in order to clean up the wetlands, where the invasive plants were disturbing the natural habitat. Working with Bolsa Chica Conservancy and Irvine Volunteer Association (IVA) attended the Wetlands Clean-up event.  We, IVA members, learned about how invasive plants are negatively affecting the natural habitat as well as the importance of preserving the environment clean. These invasive pollens are carried by winds, water, humans, and birds. Some of these plants are from places with similar climate as California, except different predators. These invasive plants are toxic to native plants living in the area and will even degrade natural habitat, pushing out the native species and further reducing the food and shelter needed by native wildlife. We are not only pulled out the invasive plants, but also picked up trash and plastics on the way. Native birds pick up and consume those smallest things like shells and broken glass for their diet. Thus, those smallest things like trash and plastics impact the ecological pyramid, leading those in the ocean and marine animals’ stomach. In relation to the downfall of the ecological pyramid, we decided to put ourselves into the situation and raise awareness and alleviate the situation.