Bottle Green

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Bottle Green is a student-run program that aims to utilize recycling to give back to the community. Recycling is an untapped resource that can be used to both help the environment and people. Many people and businesses do not recycle or if they do recycle, they simply put all their recyclables into the recycling bin. However, we believe that there is a better use of those recyclables. We aim to provide people and businesses a convenient way of recycling that will also have a secondary impact of helping the people in our community. We will provide you the containers to put your recyclables into. These containers will be made of eco friendly cardboard with a water-resistant treatment to alleviate the hassle of disposing wet bottles. Then, we will schedule a time that is convenient for you to pick up the recyclables. These items will be exchanged at recycling centers for money that will be used to help causes such as Rainbow House, an organization that assists single mothers and/or children that do not have a parent due to imprisonment or drug use. This program is an easy way to make a true impact within the community. If you have any recyclable items that cannot be exchanged at recycling centers, such as wine bottles, no worries. We will be using those items to create interesting crafts or projects that will still help many people.