Hand Hygiene
Our Goal

The Covid-19 pandemic has plagued the nation and the World, and as students witnessing this unprecedented change brought to our country, we want to help in the campaign to end this outbreak and save lives. There are thousands of health care officials who are working day and night to help save the millions of lives affected by Covid 19, and due to the abundance of patients and overflowing hospitals, many of their essential supplies such as face masks are running low.

Doctors with Bacteriological Protection
What we ask of You

There are many families that have or have access to many facial masks. These masks are crucial as they help prevent the spread of Covid-19 in public spaces, but more importantly, the spread of Covid to health care officials who are in direct contact with and are at close proximity to patients with Covid-19. These health care officials who are working tirelessly are those that need the masks most, so we are asking you to donate masks if you have an abundance of them to IVA to distribute to nearby health organizations which will be put into good use.

The Process
  1. Put your name, email address, phone number, home address, and the number of masks you will like to donate. Also, select the days you will be at home to donate the masks (mon-sun). Then, press submit

  2. Check that you got a confirmation email. If you would like to change details at a later time, email us at ivaorganization@gmail.com.

  3. On one of the days you have selected, IVA will come to your house and pick up the masks.

  4. The collected masks will be given to nearby health officials who will then check and distribute the masks to needed health care workers, or to the nearby community.

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