rainbow house

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Rainbow House is a summer and weekend daycare center run for at-risk youth. Centering around students whose families struggle with drug addiction and relapse, the summer program aims to provide a sense of structure and support through their young development. The center is run by Pastor Liz Lee, who founded the organization with the mission of making sure children always had a place to stay and learn during periods when they were lacking adult supervision.

IVA students volunteering at Rainbow House were presented with a unique opportunity to not only give back to their community, but also engage with a young students from completely different backgrounds compared to themselves. Volunteers functioned as teachers and friends within the program, teaching academic subjects, leading creative art projects, teaching instrumental music and dance, and simple first aid skills. Volunteers would also encourage social skills by fostering teamwork among the students, teaching valuable peaceful resolution skills, and emphasizing the importance of concentration and respecting others. With each visit to the center, volunteers would rotate the roles amongst each other so each person would have to change to experience a different part of the teaching and mentoring process. This continued, long-term project has developed our student volunteers into strong leaders and more compassionate, open-minded individuals.

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